「Merge Majurdan(マージ マジョルダン)」は、2020年春夏コレクションでスタートしたユニセックスブランド。


「ノイズの追求」をコンセプトとして、分野やカテゴリー、国、人種、性別、慣例など、 人が作り出した壁や境界を超えるような個性を表現する。


The "Merge Majurdan" is a unisex fashion brand that launched with its Spring/Summer 2020 collection.

The designer is private. By focusing solely on the output, he builds an expansive imagination and worldview.
We are involved in multiple forms of expression in the field of design, including graphics, 3DCG and video.

The brand concept is "The Pursuit of Noise". It expresses individuality that transcends the barriers and boundaries created by people in fields, categories, countries, races, genders and conventions.

©Merge Majurdan